Salve All,

today the british newspaper The Guardian published the following article:

"Don't refund online fraud victims, Met chief tells banks"
"Bernard Hogan-Howe blames online theft on ‘bad behaviour’ of customers who have poor internet security"

Beside the fact, that this is the most stupid stance towards security, holding victims of cybercrimes responsible for being a victim, there lies a far more serious fact underneath! The confession of a top brass of police that they are not in the position to protect citizens against the various forms of cybercrime or to battle cybercrime at all! It seems that cyberspace has become a no-go-area for police if they turn to such harsh meassures to just blame the victims instead of catching the criminals! This sets a very dangerous precedent in criminalise the victim and signaling to the cybercrime community it's safe to proceed with their wrongdoings. It's the same stupid argument as in

"Women who don't want to get raped shouldn't wear short skirts"!

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