Salve All,

today the necessity arose to change my e-mail address in Twitter. Basically it's no big deal. But then came the Verification E-Mail from Twitter. All I had to do was clicking on the provided link to verify the new e-mail address. Have a look at the screenshots below to see the result:

Twitter Failure English

Twitter Failure

As you can clearly see in the address field, it's a /account/confirm_user_email/ link (I did some link truncation for obvious reasons) which doesn't work!

So far I haven't been able to change the e-mail address succsessfully. Let's see how this will evolve.

Best regards


Update 15. February 2016

So far Twitter hasn't been able to provide me a working verification URL to change my e-mail address which is not flagged as invalid by Twitter itself. It's now really becomming pathetic!

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