L&M Motorshow 1987

I recently rebuilt my capability of scanning my image archive dating back as far as to the late 70's. As I was on a path to become a professional photographer I took A LOT of pictures about a great variety of subjects.

Today I want to present you the pics from the L&M Motorshow in 1987. All these American Hot Rods toured Germany to promote the cigarette brand L&M. The cars were on display in shopping malls and I took these pictures in a shopping mall in the Rhein-Main area (I think it was in Eschborn). It's the first time these images are published.

You'll find my images from the L&M Motorshow here in my image database.

All the pics were made with a Minolta 9000 AF, Minolta 28-135mm AF zoom lens, Minolta motor drive MD90, Minolta Program Flash 4000AF and a Minolta Program Back Super 90 databack

Stay tuned for tons of car pictures of the 80's and 90's to come.

Enjoy the images and stay healthy!

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