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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become the topic du jour in the high-tech industry as well as in military circles.

The article With AI, We’ll See Faster Fights, but Longer Wars written by Margarita Konaev and published by War on the Rocks takes a closer look at and an interesting stance towards AI-enabled applications in the military.

You can find the War on the Rocks article here: With AI, We’ll See Faster Fights, but Longer Wars

What seems to become a serious problem is the ignorance of politicians with a mindset of the previous century regarding the dangers and opportunities AI is offering to the military and civilian sector. It is obvious that most of the policy-makers can't keep up with the speed of high-tech development. This leads to wrong policies, bad policies, good intended policies* or, worst case, no policies at all.

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*Do not forget, the escalation of "good" is "good intended"!

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