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just a short remark regarding an Ars Technica news piece with the headline "VW boss attacks Tesla for “barely selling 80,000 cars a year”.

Let me get this right - a company which deliberately cheated and ripped-off their customers (emissions scandal), got caught by the Feds, got convicted of fraud (more convictions likely to come). Lost billions to a rip-off scheme instead of putting the money into future technologies.
This company whines about a small competitor, who (years ago) invested into a vision, who has build up knowledge, experience and patents of future technologies. Who put these technologies into a product and brought it to the markets of the world. Who made everything BigCorp VW hasn't been able to achieve up to today.
Wow, this must be deperate time at VW. Instead of getting your ducks in a row, being inovative and devoted to future technologies, this is all you can come up with? You really deserve to go the way of the Dodo!

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